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Hercules - Terra Trac D/T

The Hercules Terra Trac D/T is a premium, multi-purpose traction tire designed for a range of on- and off-road applications. The versatile Terra Trac D/T not only excels on any surface like an all-terrain tire, but also digs in to maximize power and efficiency in extreme conditions or tough commercial applications. Built for all-season performance, the Terra Trac D/T features enhanced stud hole placements for solid winter traction. Made in the USA.

Hercules Terra Trac D/T

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 Part No.  Section
 Service Description  Sidewall Price 
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H451053110.515109Q LRCOWL     
H451102358516120N LREBSW     
H451152257516115N LREBSW     
H451202457516120N LREBSW     
H451252657516123N LREOWL     
H451302857516122N LRDOWL     
H451352358017120Q LREOWL     
H451402657017121Q LREOWL     
H451452857017121Q LRDOWL     
H451502757018125Q LREOWL     

The section width measures the width of the tire in millimeters.

For example, a tire with a section width of 225 is 225mm wide (approximately 8.85").

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The Aspect Ratio of a tire describes the relationship between width of the tread and the height of the sidewall.

If a tire has an aspect ratio of 50, then it's sidewall is 50% as tall as the tread is wide.

For example, if a tire has a section width of 225 millimeters and an aspect ratio of 60, then it's sidewall height is:

225mm * 60% = 135mm


135mm / 25.4 = 5.3"

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Measures the diameter of the wheel on which the tire must be mounted.
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Service Description:

Passenger tires are given a "Service Description" to describe the tire's capabilities.

A service description has two components:

  • Load Index
    The load index corresponds to the load-carrying capacity of a tire.

  • Speed Rating
    Speed ratings are intended to correspond to the maximum speed capability of a tire.

    Speed ratings are more useful in describing a tire's overall performance capability.

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Common sidewall abbreviations and they're definitions:

WLWhite Letter
OWLOutline White Letter
ROWLRaised Outline White Letter
WSWWhite Sidewall
BLKBlack Sidewall
BSWBlack Sidewall
RBLRaised Black Letter

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